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“…Magic to love yourself” is the first story of a book series that helps kids develop self-esteem focuses on bullying in school.


The sensitive and explosive issue of bullying is making headlines in the news this year and it has probably been a part of every person’s life. Many families, schools and communities in America today are trying to come to terms with how to respond to bullying in the lives of children.

The Three Powers is a new illustrated book written with a goal to connect with kids at an age when they are beginning to experience bullying and to give them positive strategies that can help them confront the issue in a positive way. Written by author Patricia Anaya and illustrated by Stephanie Ugalde, The Three Powers introduces readers to Iken and the extraordinary power a young child can find within.

Iken is feeling alone, worthless and sad because kids at school are bullying him. His parents are too busy to be more involved with his life. They think everything is O.K. with their son because Iken is not telling them about the bullying, or how unhappy he is. One day, Iken stumbles upon a magical book, and meets Sir Wisely, a wise man who teaches the inquisitive boy The Three Powers: The Power of Love, The Power of Faith and The Power of Words. After his discovery, nothing is the same for Iken; he transforms into a self-confident and happy kid who enjoys his life – who also helps other kids discover The Three Powers, too. As Iken and his newfound friends use The Three Powers, they find the strength inside to dispel the effects of bullying, to be happy, to make good friends and to improve their relationships with their parents.

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